About Us

About Us

My Emanuel is a Christian web based ministry with the sole purpose of leading any who will hear to the salvation of Jesus Christ! But first why did we choose the name “My Emanuel” for our ministry? Emanuel (Emanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuil or Immanuel Hebrew: עמנואל) means “God is with us”! So in effect we have chosen to name our ministry “My God is with us”! A powerful, meaningful play on words that is intended to remind all who take part in any part of our ministry that God is truly with us, and we would like share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone!


My Emanuel was formed and launched after a conversation between my brother Timothy and I about wanting to start a web site where real Christians could go to learn, to share, to understand, and to help brothers and sisters in Christ strengthen their walk with Jesus Christ and to increase their faith. My Emanuel was launched, our Facebook and Twitter account created, and our web site published all in quick succession in October of 2011. Our first post on our domain at myemanuel.com was October 5th!


Our mission remains to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and bring his message to any who would hear it but any means the Lord provides us with! Facebook, Twitter, and the internet are only the beginnings of our ministry! We are willing to help any Christian ministry in any way we can or answer any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us at dhigginbotham@myemanuel.com. Please add us to your prayer list and to your prayers at night and throughout the day that we may do the Lords work as he would have us! God bless all!


My Emanuel has grown from a project between Timothy and I to include many brothers and sisters in Christ who all share a heart for the lost and seeing more come to know Jesus and the salvation that He alone provides. The following brothers and sisters take part in the My Emanuel ministry and our Facebook outreach ministries.


Sister Wendy Wise – Facebook admin

Pastor Jeff Duvall – Facebook admin, “A force for God” daily video devotional author

Bro. Rick Patton – Facebook admin

Bro. Timothy Higginbotham – Facebook admin

Bro. Daniel Higginbotham – Facebook admin, website admin