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Let us minister to you!

Brothers and sisters on behalf of the entire My Emanuel ministry team, thank you! Rick, Jeff, Wendy, Timmy, and I are incredibly thankful for the opportunity the Lord affords us to continue ministering to you and your family! Whether through our social media ministries on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or through our video series on YouTube, or even our music playlist on Spotify, there are truly many different ways to see what God is doing through this ministry.


Regardless if you are a new Christian or you’ve been walking with the Lord for many years, we have many different resources to edify you in Christ Jesus. We have devotions like our 30 day challenge marriage devotional series or the 25 day devotional series Devoted dedicated to strengthening your faith and understanding of God’s Word. With tools like our on-line Bible tool, our daily verse, and even Bible studies there are so many different ways we are blessed to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.


You can also read through our past newsletters called the Good News of My Emanuel for a collection of sermons, devotions, and more. As you look to partner with us in prayer and deed, we partner with several ministries located in North Georgia dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those who are less fortunate and in need, see how you can partner with us through the Shepherd’s Shadow today. We are thankful for your prayers and hope that you will stand with us as we proclaim that Jesus alone saves and the certain hope we have through Christ alone.

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Welcome to My Emanuel Christina ministries! We are excited to continue ministering to you and as we deploy our 3rd version of the My Emanuel website we ask for your prayer and patience. We are actively working to make sure the site is easy to use, easy to share, and contains all the powerful content we have created over the past several years. Please connect with us at for prayer, inspiration, and discipleship as we continue in our effort to know the Lord Jesus and make Him know to all people.