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How quickly things that “can never” happen, happen.

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You know its always funny to me that the more people claim “that will never happen” or “that’s impossible” how many times they are not only proven wrong but that they are quickly proven wrong. There has always been so much speculation that a great sign of the end times talked about in the Bible and specifically in Daniel in the old testament would be a sign of a new “Holy Roman Empire” and for years and years even with the forming of the European Union people say, “a new Holy Roman Empire” is impossible… well… “Sarkozy warns Europe’s existence threatened by debt crisis” the headline reads. ( “Germany and France had agreed that there should be a new European treaty to govern the relations between countries, he said, but he also dismissed German suggestions that national budgets could be approved and regulated from Brussels.” the article goes on to say.

Well folks not only is a “Holy Roman Empire” rising where it once was is impossible, it is begging to happen, all because of the “finical crisis”. Bow your head and pray for understanding, the Bible is alive, it is God’s living word, and it is coming true again and again, right before your eyes. May God increase our understanding and wisdom and may his will be done. May we understand how his word relates to the world we now live and be able to see through all the garbage to the evil hands pulling the strings. Amen.

If you like to read you may do well to read and study Daniel Chapter 7 in the Bible where Daniel speaks of his vision of the end of days and Revelations where John the divine is given a vision by Jesus Christ of those things that must come to pass. Don t delay, you don’t always have tomorrow!

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