Day 2 – The Longest Ride

As the rain continued to fall, as I struggled to breathe. As the blood continued to run in my mouth, finally I was loaded in to an ambulance. I remember talking to the first responders as they strapped me to the gurney. One of the loneliest, longest rides of my life was that day on 3/11/2017 on my way to the hospital.


What began as a day of excitement and anticipation turned in to a fight for our lives. I remember the surrealness of the entire experience. Is this really happening? This was the first car wreck I had ever been in. I remember having the very real thought that I was going to die. The thought was so real in fact that I prayed repeatedly that if Jesus was bringing me home that I was truly forgiven and free for every sin and failure.


As we pulled up to the hospital the doctors and nurses met us at the door. I was immediately rushed in to the operating room. The doctors began to speak with me as they cut my clothes off and began prepping me for surgery. In the chaos of that moment a chaplain from the hospital came in…


“Daniel, I have your wife’s phone. Do you know her lock code?” the chaplain asked. I remember giving him the lock code and him asking if there was anyone he should call to tell about the wreck. I could tell from the somber tone in his voice that things were far worse than I realized. “Call my mother-in-law” I said, “her name is Kathy”. A few moments later the chaplain had me speak to her on speakerphone. I will never forget what I thought may be my last words: “If I’ve caused any one any pain, please tell them I said please forgive me. I love you.”


I remember asking the chaplain, “do you believe in Jesus?” After him confirming that he in fact did believe in Jesus, I asked him to say a prayer over me in Jesus name. After the prayer, everything went dark.


I would find out later that over the next few hours and days that the doctors told my family to prepare for my death. Breaking over 9 ribs, both scapula (shoulders), ripping my aorta, collapsed lungs and more left me fighting for my life.


In today’s devotion I want to remind you that God is fully in control. The doctors don’t have the last word. Where God is moving, nothing is too hard for Him. He loves us intimately and we can trust that He is using all things (even unimaginable tragedy) for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.


First we are going to read several Scriptures that remind us as Christians of the blessed assurance we have through faith in Jesus. Scriptures like John 8:36 where Jesus reminds us that in Him we are truly free. Scriptures like John 3:16 that remind us that God loves us so much that if we place our faith in Jesus we will have eternal life. (John 8:36, John 3:16)


Second we will look at Scriptures that remind us doctors don’t have the final word (Jesus is the Great Physician). We still look at Scriptures that remind us that nothing is impossible with God. We will look at the Scriptures that remind us that God is faithful, His love is unfailing, and that we can place our hope and trust in Him. (Mark 9:23, 24)


Today’s prayer:

Lord, there are days where we confess we feel alone. There are moments where we cry out and it seems like you are silent or that you don’t care. Today we ask that you would forgive us when we doubt. We believe Lord! Help our unbelief. Strengthen us with Your presence. When we aren’t strong enough to walk another step, carry us. Thank you Lord that we won’t face a step alone, in Jesus name.

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