You’ll have to forgive me if I associate thoughts in life with kids movies… what can I say? I have five kids under the age of 12. With that said I am well acquainted with all the Disney classics, and I especially prefer musicals. I think music within itself is a powerful language to communicate thought, and I’m amazed at the countless songs the human mind can memorize. 

Tonight as I write this message, I am thinking about the classic Trolls and a particularly hilarious scene where the classic “Sound of Silence” is sang by one of the movies heroes (Poppy). Although the song itself has no bearing on this message, except to bring a smile to my face as I think about Branch throwing Poppy’s guitar in the fire (I love Branch), I think the title of the song speaks volumes. 

Can I share a vulnerable confession with you? I hate silence. In fact I almost never sit in silence, even as I pray. As I write this message tonight I have instrumental music softly playing in the background. The old saying: “silence is deafening” may help you get the picture of why silence is hard for me. The honest truth is I don’t like myself and when I am alone, in the silence with just my thoughts, I have to face that silence.

The Scripture tells us that God communicates to us through a still small voice, a gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:11-13). Sometimes I wish God would just communicate to me in some grand fashion where His voice would be unmistakable in the midst of my chaotic life; but that’s not how God has chosen to communicate.

Tonight as Psalm 46:10 comes to mind, God is asking me (and you) to do something important. He is asking us to “be still” and as a result, silent before Him. In the stillness and silence of that moment with our minds turned fully towards God seeking His heart, I am confident that His peace will flood our souls. The problem plainly isn’t that God doesn’t speak, for me it is historically that I am so busy and afraid of the stillness of that moment that I don’t hear Him. But the moments I have heard Him speak have transformed my life…

Tonight (or whenever you are reading this), I hope that you won’t be afraid of that silence. Turn off the music, the TV, and whatever else is distracting your mind. Enter into a secret place and shut the door, quietly still yourself physically before the Lord and turn your heart towards Him. Focus your mind and attention and let His peace and joy flood your heart as you remember: He is God.

But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you. (Matthew 6:6 NLT)

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