When the Psalmist says that the Word of God is a “lamp for my feet”, he is indicating that the Word of God lights each step before us. God doesn’t promise to reveal every step of the plan to us but we can trust Him, He is faithful, and He will see it through to completion (Philippians 1:6). Is the Word of God guiding your life?
How can I be a spouse that honors God? How can I be the parent my kids deserve? How can I be the servant that Jesus has called me to be? How should I interact with my friends, family, and the world? All Scripture is God breathed and given so that as servants of God we can be equipped for every good work. The Scripture is given for teaching, correcting, and rebuking (2 Timothy 3:16-17). All the self help books and philosophical platitudes in the world are powerless to be who God is calling you to be apart from His Word.
My prayer for us today is we would learn to search the Scripture and prayerfully seek God’s will for our lives. Its time for us to get back to the basics, keep it simple, and walk in Christ honoring love. Let the love of Jesus infiltrate every part of your life, every relationship, every thought and trust the Holy Spirit to guide, empower, and equip.