Mountain Mover

There is no mountain in our life that Jesus cannot move. Addictions, broken relationships, sickness, great needs, all these things are within the power of God to do the miraculous. Through our faith in Jesus, in God’s will, we will see mountains that were immovable cast into the sea.


What mountains in your life do you need moved? Come to Jesus no matter where you are or what you are facing and trust in Him to do what you can’t. If you’re weary and wounded, come and Jesus will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

I’m With Jesus

I can’t imagine a greater complement than someone taking note that I’ve “been with Jesus”. Jesus has so radically transformed my life that those who knew me before I came to faith in Christ don’t recognize me. Not because of anything I’ve done but because of the grace, mercy, and transforming power of God.


What do people know about you? Do they know that you live a life of surrender to the God of creation? Do they sense His love, grace, and truth in what you do and say? If you were the only Christian someone ever knew, would they know Jesus? Simply put: do people know you’ve been with Jesus?


If not… it’s time to make some prayerful, intentional, Holy Spirit inspired changes.

Jesus is Greater

† > everything else.


If you didn’t understand from that simple statement let me put it this way: nothing is more important than knowing Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. Think of it this way… the world is a dark place. Jesus is the light. When the Light comes in, the darkness fades away and you can see, live and love the way you were created to.


If you don’t know the love of Jesus tonight, you are only seeing and experiencing a small fraction of what you should be. Tonight you can be forgiven and free… in God’s love through faith alone in Christ alone, plus nothing.