God is Our Refuge and Strength

In the midst of deep pain and suffering, God is near (Psalm 34:18). It is here in His presence, in the shadow of His wings, that I find my hope and strength (Psalm 57:1). When I am facing heartbreak or suffering I can find rest in the presence of Jesus (Matthew 11:28).


I wish I could tell you I’ve always been faithful in the midst of deep suffering and trails. I wish I could say I’ve never denied my Lord in the deepest despair and pain. I wish I could say that when God has appeared silent and detached that I remained steadfast and faithful. The truth is… even when I have been unfaithful, Jesus has remained faithful. If you are suffering today, come to Jesus for rest (Matthew 11:28). Here in the presence of God you will find mercy and grace to help in your most desperate time of need (Hebrews 4:16).


My prayer for you and I today is that we would find hope in the unchanging nature of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 13:8). Although life and circumstances change, Jesus never will. Although those we love my fail us or forsake us, Jesus never will. Even when the pain and the hurt just don’t make sense, trust in the faithful, unfailing love of the God who gave everything so you could be forgiven and free.

He is Risen!

The most miraculous moment since God spoke creation into existence is the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is a moment every one of us must address in our own lives. The moment you realize that Jesus did raise from the dead conquering death, hell, and the grave, your life will forever be changed.


Today as you reflect on this truth the most important question you can ever answer is: what are you going to do with this Jesus?

Jesus Paid It All

In light of the suffering, humiliation, torture, and crucifixion of Jesus… what is my suffering? How can I, knowing just a glimpse of the horrendous pain, humiliation, and suffering of my Lord, keep any part of my life from Him? Jesus suffered on the cross and died a sinners death so I wouldn’t have to. He paid the price of my sin (one I could never pay) so I could be forgiven and free.

How could I ever hope to escape God’s wrath if I rejected the great salvation and gift of life He has given through Jesus? (John 3:16 | Hebrews 2:2-3). Tonight, for the love of God (literally), come and be set free in Jesus name!