Give Your Cares to Jesus

God doesn’t get angry when we are anxious, He calls us to Him for peace, mercy and grace. (Hebrews 4:16) Although we don’t know what tomorrow holds, we know Who holds tomorrow. Tonight no matter what you are facing, Jesus is calling you to Him for rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Jesus reminds us that God knows (and will provide for) our needs; the call is for us to first seek the kingdom of God. (Matthew 6:33)

With Jesus Nothing is Impossible

The same Jesus who opened the eyes of the blind, gave hearing to the deaf, healed the lame and the leper, and raised the dead back to life, knows your name. In Christ nothing is impossible. No life is too broken or gone to be saved. No marriage or relationship is too past saving. No sickness or addiction is too powerful. In Jesus, all things are possible.


In my brief time on this planet one lesson I have learned well is this… even if Jesus doesn’t, His plan, purpose, and grace are enough for me. Even though Jesus could have stopped the wreck that tried to destroy my life, He didn’t. Although Satan thought the wreck and death of my late wife Cassie and daughter Brynleigh would destroy me, Jesus had a purpose beyond the pain. Today everything that Satan tried to steal is still in the unshakable hands of the God of the universe.


My prayer for us both today is we would remember with Jesus it isn’t a matter of “if He can”. He is the God of the impossible. When Jesus speaks, galaxies spin into existence. The same God who conquered death, hell, and the grave lives in me. In Christ nothing is beyond His power to save, redeem, restore, and rebuild.

God Given Wisdom

I admit there are deep moments of insecurity and feeling totally unprepared to face the challenges that life can bring my way. It is in these moments of my human weakness and failure that I continue to realize how desperately I need Jesus.


Are you facing uncertainty or trials in your life? God tells us to come and seek wisdom as He gives us the right perspective for whatever we are facing. Do you lack wisdom tonight? Through our faith in Jesus we can come to God, ask for wisdom and He will give us more than enough.