In our effort to help followers of Jesus become fully devoted servants, we have created several devotional tools that are free to use. Browse the list below and be sure to bookmark any of these tools for quick access.

  • Mobile Toolkit ( – the mobile toolkit is an optimized hub for quick access to all our devotional tools. It includes access to our Verse of the Day, Daily Picture Scripture tool, Peek Devotion app, and the Bible app.
  • Bible app ( – the Bible app is a browser based Bible tool that allows quick access to the entire Bible. This tool is currently under development but features multiple translations, beautiful banners for each Book of the Bible, and more features coming online soon.
  • Verse of the Day ( – the Verse of the Day features a focal Scripture meant to provoke your mind and heart as you meditate on the Scriptures. Each daily Scripture includes a quick link to the Bible Hub website where you can read the verse in it’s context and access other Bible tools.
  • Daily Picture Scripture ( – the Daily Picture Scripture tool generates a new picture each day from our collection of hundreds of beautiful pictures overlaid with the precious Word of God. This is a great way to share your faith on social media. You can access the entire collection of our Picture Scripture at
  • Peek Devotion ( – the Peek Devotion app is built to serve as a devotional tool to help fill moments of downtime throughout your day. The tool refreshes automatically each time you load the page or you can refresh on your own. Videos, music, Scripture, and more at your fingertips.