My Emanuel University is a discipleship program designed to increase your understanding of Holy Scripture and answer some of the most fundamental questions about the Christian faith. This program focuses on matters of salvation, eternal life, repentance, Christian living, and other core pillars every follower of Jesus Christ should know. Regardless of your level of understanding of the Christian faith it is our deepest desire that the articles, videos, and information contained with-in this program will help you come to know more about the God who loved you so much, He gave His only Son to die for you so you could be forgiven and free (John 3:16).

Christianity 101

Who is God?

What is the Bible?

Who is Jesus?

What is a Christian?

What is salvation?

Where does life come from? (origin)

What is the meaning of life? (meaning)

Is anything right? Is anything wrong? (morality)

What is my destiny? (destiny)

How do I get saved?


Christianity 202

What does it mean to have a “personal relationship” with God?

How do I live a Christian life?

What should my faith affect?

Growing in your Christian walk.

Matters of faith and practice.


Christianity 303

Personal commitment and growth