30 day challenge

First we want to welcome you to a life impacting opportunity and we pray that as you decide to undergo this opportunity that you will understand the foundation of the family, the institution of marriage, and the need for Christ to be at the center of every marriage has never been greater. First we want to discuss some facts:


50% of all marriages in America end in divorce


The highest percentage group of divorce for both men and women is the 20-24 year old range



The purpose of the My Emanuel 30 day challenge is to show families the power of prayer, the power of having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in trusting in the Lord, no one else, to help heal and create bridges in order to have a better chance at success in marriage and in happiness in all aspects of family life. Those who chose to accept this challenge may do so by themselves or as a family and I pray that at the end of this challenge you will have taken the time to read the scripture from the Word of God, that you would have taken the time to read the devotionals supplied here with-in this program and that you would take the time to do the most important thing: pray.


By the power of God, through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit you can have the peace and healing you seek. If you would only put away the doubt, if you would only take the next 30 days, you can find out what I have found out, what those who have trusted in the Lord and placed their lives and marriages in His hands have found out, what those who will take the time and pray, read, study, and cry out to the Lord will find out: there is victory in the Lord Jesus Christ.


From a sister in Christ and a participant in the 30 day challenge, sister Latasha:


“I thank God for the 30 day program it has helped me and blessed my life! I give God all the honor and praise! God knows my heart and he heard my cry! My marriage was saved by God! I had faith, I didn’t understand why this was happening to us but God already knew the end! My husband prays for us and himself! God spoke to him and brought him back home!”


God is capable… He is willing… He is ready… the only question is… are you? Take it 1 day at a time, the challenge awaits you:


Week 1 – the foundation:

Day 1 – the first day of the rest of your life

Day 2 – one day at a time

Day 3 – fight the good fight

Day 4 – getting better all the time

Day 5 – the best kind of team

Day 6 – its been a long day

Day 7 – so much to do, so much to do


Week 2 – the roles and responsibility of the family:

Day 8 – no one is perfect

Day 9 – get back up

Day 10 – the right way

Day 11 – in to His rest

Day 12 – what’s really important

Day 13 – never enough time

Day 14 – every moment is precious

Day 15 – we all fall down

Day 16 – this is how we learn

Week 3 – trust and forgiveness

Day 17 – I’m sorry

Day 18 – I forgive you

Day 19 – forgive AND forget

Day 20 – just one of those days

Day 21 – I’ll take it to the grave

Day 22 – Miracles


Week 4 – keeping Christ at the center

Day 23 – you are free

Day 24 – too weak to stand

Day 25 – it’s all the little things

Day 26 – deep roots

Day 27 – in this storm

Day 28 – I’ll make time

Day 29 – falling in to place

Day 30 – with you always

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