What’s new?

After a 24 month hiatus we are again publishing the Good News of My Emanuel. The newsletter has been changed to a monthly publication. You can view the latest editions below:


January 2015 – thirty-sixty edition – “I choose to wait”

December 2014 – thirty-fifth edition – “Peace”




We post sermons throughout the week in between newsletter editions on our blog at www.myemanuel.com/blog and have recently begin to publish video sermons and other video material that can be viewed anytime at www.youtube.com/myemanuelchristian. We use the blog and the YouTube channel to constantly stay in contact and ensure we are sharing the message that the Lord gives us in a way to honor His holy and wonderful name. Please check the blog frequently or “follow” the blog to receive daily updates when we update the blog. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel to see when we post new video material.


The Good News of My Emanuel:


The Good News of My Emanuel is our newsletter publication that we have published for over 2 years. The newsletter is our effort to share the Gospel with the lost, edify the saints, and to share what the Lord is doing with our ministry. You can find all previous 34 editions below.


Sunday November 6th – first edition – “the Power of Prayer”

Sunday November 13th – second edition – “sexual immorality”

Sunday November 20th – third edition – “O Ye of little faith”

Sunday December 4th – fourth edition – “I don’t have to go to church!”

Sunday December 18th – fifth edition – “Righteousness and Persecution”

Sunday December 31st – sixth edition – “Grab your sword, grab your armor, to battle we go!”

Sunday January 15th 2012 – seventh edition – “True power comes only from the Lord”

Sunday January 29th 2012 – eighth edition – “Light of the world”

Sunday February 12th 2012 – ninth edition – “My weapon”

Sunday February 26th 2012 – tenth edition – “It’s a slow path to hell”

Sunday March 11th 2012 – eleventh edition – “Faith AND works”

Sunday March 25th 2012 – twelfth  edition – “the prodigal children”

Sunday April 8th 2012 – thirteenth edition – “Christ Jesus is RISEN!”

Sunday April 22nd 2012 – fourteenth edition – “What’d you say donkey?”

Sunday May 6th 2012 – fifteenth edition – “The awesome power of words…”

Sunday May 20th 2012 – sixteenth edition – “The darkness must flee”

Sunday June 3rd 2012 – seventeenth edition – “Repent, draw close to the Lord”

Sunday June 17th 2012 – eighteenth edition – “Father forgive them”

Sunday July 1st 2012 – nineteenth edition – “the Hunger”

Sunday July 15th 2012 – twentieth edition – “Our God is Love”

Sunday July 29th 2012 – twenty-first edition – “In God’s hands”

Sunday August 12th 2012 – twenty-second edition – “Look there’s a plane! Oh that’s a nice car! Ooh there is a squirrel!”

Sunday August 26th 2012 – twenty-third edition – “I can’t do it alone”

Sunday September 9th 2012 – twenty-fourth edition – “A time limit on God”

Sunday September 23rd 2012 – twenty-fifth edition – “the Great I AM”

Sunday October 7th 2012 – twenty-sixth edition – “walking the line”

Sunday October 21st 2012 – twenty-seventh edition – “pride… the devils little helper”

Sunday November 4th 2012 – twenty-eighth edition – “cleaning house and taking out the trash”

Sunday November 18th 2012 – twenty-ninth edition – “he is MINE!”

Sunday December 2nd 2012 – thirtieth edition – “CHRISTmas”

Sunday December 16th 2012  – thirty-first edition – “city on a hill”

Sunday December 30th 2012 – thirty-second edition – “Happy NEW year”

Sunday January 13th 2013 – thirty-third edition – “Both eyes on the cross”

Sunday January 27th 2013 – thirty-fourth edition – “Your saved…not dead”