The Miracle of the Bible

Today my 12 year old son Kasen asked me how I know the Bible is the Word of God. There is something quite special about deep theological discussions over breakfast before school. Maybe today if you are being honest you have the same question: is the Bible really the Word of God? I mean… after all it was written by men, can I trust it?

Before we explore the miracle of the Bible, I want to share a very serious note… if you have doubts, God already knows. Instead of hiding those doubts and fears, pray about them. Share them with God. Seek His guidance, wisdom, peace, and teaching on the truth about the Scripture. Don’t let those doubts drive you to a place of shame or guilt and certainly don’t hide or ignore them. You aren’t the first person to ever question God about the Bible (spoiler alert: you won’t be the last). God is big enough and loving enough to patiently and tenderly help you walk through those doubts as He helps grow your faith.

Before we can really explore a solid answer to Kasen (and your) question, we need to understand the Bible. So often I hear people say: “it’s just a book”. Actually the Bible is a collection of 66 books. These 66 books where written over 1500 years on three different continents in three different languages by 42 different men. These men ranged from the kings to fishermen. The collection of authors also included a tax collector, a doctor, prophets, priests, and even a civil engineer.

Now that we’ve established that the Bible isn’t “just a book”, the next thing we need to ask is: can we trust the Scriptures? Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions and inaccuracies? The truth is that from Genesis (the very first Book of the Bible) to Revelation (the very last Book) the story of God’s plan for mankind is clearly revealed. All those contradictions? When pressed most people have no idea where these world shattering opposites are found (hint: that’s because they aren’t there).

I find it fascinating that so many men and women who have set out to debunk Christianity have themselves ended up bowing their knee to Jesus. From ancient examples like Saul of Tarsus who became the Apostle Paul (see the Book of Acts) to modern examples like an investigative journalist who wrote “The Case for Christ”. One of my real favorites is about one of my favorite speakers Nabeel Qureshi who wrote “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. History is replete with men and women of all walks of life who have sought to destroy Christianity once and for all… so many ended up trusting in Jesus themselves.

I find it fascinating that so many are so quick to dismiss the Bible and God outright without ever searching out the facts for themselves. They believe because their mom or dad told them, a professor, their spouse, a trusted and educated person. Over and over again people regurgitate all they’ve been told without ever really researching, studying, or honestly seeking God themselves.

“Only hillbillies and the uneducated believe in Jesus.” Its funny when people make statements like that without any facts. The fact is that some of the most educated men and women in the world, the most brilliant among us, all have reached the same conclusion: Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be (God) and the Bible is exactly what I’m telling you (the God breathed Scriptures that teach us everything we need to know about life, faith, and practice as God’s beloved creation – 2 Timothy 3:16-17). 

So one last thought about the Bible… take 66 other books from any library and try to create a cohesive story that doesn’t contradict itself and I’ll start considering whether the Bible is a fake and not the divine Word of God. There is a catch… your 66 books have to:

  • Be written by 42 different authors
  • Be written over the course of 1500 years
  • Be written originally in 3 different languages
  • Be written on 3 different continents
  • Be written by authors who didn’t know each other and didn’t have the other writings to reference

After you spend some time thinking about that prospect, just admit it… it isn’t possible. If it isn’t possible (and it isn’t) then even if you don’t attribute the Bible to be the divinely inspired Word of God, you have to begin exploring the truth that this is a special Book. There are literally tens of thousands of videos, articles, research papers and more about the Bible… maybe its time to stop taking someone else’s word for it and start investigating the truth yourself.

Some resources to get started:

A Lamp for My Feet

When the Psalmist says that the Word of God is a “lamp for my feet”, he is indicating that the Word of God lights each step before us. God doesn’t promise to reveal every step of the plan to us but we can trust Him, He is faithful, and He will see it through to completion (Philippians 1:6). Is the Word of God guiding your life?
How can I be a spouse that honors God? How can I be the parent my kids deserve? How can I be the servant that Jesus has called me to be? How should I interact with my friends, family, and the world? All Scripture is God breathed and given so that as servants of God we can be equipped for every good work. The Scripture is given for teaching, correcting, and rebuking (2 Timothy 3:16-17). All the self help books and philosophical platitudes in the world are powerless to be who God is calling you to be apart from His Word.
My prayer for us today is we would learn to search the Scripture and prayerfully seek God’s will for our lives. Its time for us to get back to the basics, keep it simple, and walk in Christ honoring love. Let the love of Jesus infiltrate every part of your life, every relationship, every thought and trust the Holy Spirit to guide, empower, and equip.

Through the Darkest Valley

Spiritually speaking valleys can be times of darkness, struggle, trial, uncertainty, and pain. Interestingly, it is here in the midst of valleys where I feel the presence of God the strongest. It is here deep in the midst of turmoil that I see God is growing me, patiently and tenderly. It has been said: without the test their is no testimony.
If we never met resistance, our faith would remain shallow and superficial. It is when we meet moments of great crisis where what we really believe becomes clear. The same God who is with me on the mountain top experiences is the same God who is close to me in the valleys of trial. If you are walking in a valley today, remember: this too shall pass. Jesus promised to never leave you or forsake you and in Him nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:38-39).
My prayer is that you and I would stop focusing so much on the “why” we are in the valley and instead seek God’s guidance on what He wants us to learn in those moments. It is here we learn to trust Him. Before He can call us into deeper waters, we must learn to trust Him here.